Sealmaster bearings reduce friction and allow moving parts of all kinds to smoothly move. Pulleys, wheels, and more can all have their life extended with the application of any product from the Sealmaster flange bearing catalog, pillow block bearings, or ball bearings. Sealmaster offered a wide variety of bearings products in many different sizes available for any custom configuration your application needs. This top bearing manufacturer is a global force, manufacturer and shipping tapered roller bearings, mounted ball bearings, and more to businesses across the globe.

What is a Sealmaster flange bearing?

A flange at one end of a cylindrical body is what makes a Sealmaster flange bearing. Radial loads can be supported along with axial loads thanks to the thrust surface provided by the flange. Not only that, but a Sealmaster flange bearing can also help align and mount a bearing during its installation. 

The goal of doing so is to lock a bearing with the flange in place to prevent the bearing from axially moving. If your application experiences a large number of vibrations, for example in automobiles, a Sealmaster flange bearing can ensure the bearing's positioning is accurate. 

Flange Bearings can be created from:

  • Metal-Polymer
  • Fiber Reinforced Composite
  • Thermoset Plastic Material

What would a Sealmaster flange bearing be used for?

The primary objective of any product of the Sealmaster flange bearing catalog, and any other Sealmaster bearing, is to use patented features that keep contaminants at bay to reach optimal performance. Sealmaster bearings are at home even in rough and rugged applications, achieving high performance even in tough environments. Their high-quality products can be found in mechanical applications in many industries ranging from water and wastewater to pulp and paper to food and beverage.

2-Bolt and 4-Bolt Sealmaster Flange Bearing Products

A 2-bolt Sealmaster flange bearing supports shafts that are running perpendicular to the mounting surface of the bearing. They have ball bearing inserts in 52100 chrome steel as well as set screw shaft locking types. A 4-bolt Sealmaster flange bearing is also used to provide perpendicular shafts with support for shafts that run perpendicular, but instead of ball bearing inserts, they are equipped with cast iron bearing housings. The 4-bolt bearings have set screw shaft locking types and 52100 chrome steel as well.

The Sealmaster flange bearing catalog can be viewed here.

Sealmaster Flange Bearing FAQs

What are some of the flange bearings offered by Sealmaster? ProSource stocks Sealmaster flange blocks, cartridges, brackets, and bearings.

Does Sealmaster only operate within the United States? No, they are a global force that we are proud to source.

What other bearings does Sealmaster manufacture? They also make ball bearings, mounted ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, mounted tapered roller bearings, pillow block bearings, and more.

Which is made with cast iron bearing housings, the 2-bolt or 4-bolt flange bearings? The 4-bolt bearings are made with cast iron. 

Are 2-bolt bearings or 4-bolt flange bearings manufactured with 52100 chrome steel? Both bearings are created from 52100 chrome steel.

Do you have a Sealmaster flange bearing catalog PDF I can download? The Sealmaster flange bearing catalog can be viewed here.

Sealmaster Flange Bearing

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