Linear Motion from ProSource Industrial

Linear Motion from ProSource Industrial

Linear motion is a broad description of many possible products. A basic system integrates a power component, such as a motor; a thrust mechanism, such as an actuator; and a guidance infrastructure, such as a rail. Complex, we know, so to help simplify what we are describing here are examples of linear motion products we offer at ProSource.

Linear Rails Available at ProSource

Linear rails are precision-profiled rail guide systems. They are suitable for demanding applications of linear motion, like those that can occur in CNC machines. There are two different classes or precisions (N-normal, H-high) and preload (Z0-zero preload, Z1-light preload). 

Linear rails and guides can be cut to any required length. ProSource offers different types of linear blocks: miniature, normal, slim line, and flanged type linear ball bearings, to suit all your linear motion demands.

Linear Actuators Available at ProSource

Our electro-mechanical linear actuators at ProSource enable precise, controlled, and repeatable movement in linear drive applications. This includes: 

  • Pushing/pulling
  • Opening/closing
  • Clamping/gripping
  • Tilting and raising/lowering

Linear actuators are almost maintenance-free as well as being environmentally-friendly alternatives to pneumatic or hydraulic counterparts. They can be self-contained in zinc, aluminum, or polymer housing. This makes them very compact in size. 

Linear actuators are also ready to mount for easy plug-in operations. Actuators with modular design and open architecture offer opportunities to choose and integrate components to achieve customized solutions within existing envelopes.

Linear Bushing and Shafts Available at ProSource

A wide range of ball bushings and shafts are ideal for simple applications and 3D printers. Different types of linear bushings include 

  • Economy linear bearing type KH
  • Standard linear bushing LME
  • Double bush type LME_L
  • Flanged linear bearings
  • Open type linear bearing for supported linear rails

Shafts come in standard round linear shafts or supported round shafts. We offer both at ProSource.

ProSource is Chattanooga's Trusted Linear Motion Distributor

So whether you are looking for combined bearings systems that are ideal for heavy-duty applications, or cam roller guides were specially developed for handling and automation technology, at ProSource we can help you find what you need. Our linear motion stock is vast and inclusive of so many products, we just know that we'll have what you're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do linear motion systems require lubricants? Yes, to prevent wear and tear there is a need for lubrication in almost all systems.
  • What are telescopic slide rails? They are high-quality, low-cost recirculating ball bearings that can handle loads up to 280 kg.
  • What are some features of combined bearings systems? They are a stainless steel option for special applications, equipped with pointed profile rails for unlimited travel, modular systems provide up to 18,000 permutations, and linear speeds can reach 3 m/s with repeatability up to 0.5 mm.
  • What screws are most appropriate for CNC machines? Precision-rolled ball screws are ideal for CNC machines as well as other automation applications which require precision linear motion.
  • What are LGB and CI linear guide systems? These systems are designed for compact space applications with little and light loads. The rails are made from anodized aluminum alloy with two chrome-plated steel shafts.
  • What are AV and AD type linear guides? They are mainly made of lightweight material of aluminum alloy. Four rollers inside the carriage run on the railway's hardened shafts.
  • What are LGA linear guide systems? These systems have rails made of an anodized aluminum alloy body with two chrome-plated steel shafts. Carriages consist of an anodized aluminum alloy plate, 4 pieces double row ball bearings, 2 pieces concentric bolts and 2 pieces eccentric bolts, and 2 pieces plastic lubrication cover with oil-soaked felt wipers.
  • What are R-type linear guides? These guides are made from anodized aluminum and their carriages can have 3 or 5 rollers. They are suitable for loads from 90 N up to 700 N.

We have a huge inventory of products in Linear Motion. Please use the search bar to find the product you are looking for, fill out our Request Quote form or call (706) 529-4490.


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