Timken ball bearings are expertly engineered to perform under even the toughest conditions and across a broad range of applications and industries. Find these Timken ball bearings anywhere from within electric motors to food processing equipment to agricultural implements. They’re built to perform, and built to last. 

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Types of Timken Ball Bearings: 

Timken Miniature Bearings

Available in both inch and metric sizes to meet various needs, Timken miniature bearings meet essentially all potential requirements such as radial retainer, thrust, pivot, angular contact, high-speed radial, and full ball complement. 

Design features of Timken Miniature Bearings: 

  • Extended inner rings and flanged outer rings to help facilitate proper mounting 
  • Radial play and contact angle variations to meet requirements for application loading and deflection 
  • Shields and seals for contamination protection Various ball retainer styles and materials for superior performance
  • Tolerance levels for exact requirements depending on application 
  • Factory lubrication from a catalog of hundreds of lubricants 
  • Ring and ball selection choices including AISI stainless steel, SAE 52100 chrome steel, beryllium copper, and ceramics
  • Available performance testing for friction torque specifications and noise 

Applications for Timken Miniature Bearings: 

  • Industrial and medical handpieces 
  • Fuel controls 
  • Flow meters 
  • Motors Gyros, synchros, and servos 
  • Cryogenic coolers 
  • Pulmonary assist devices 

Timken Deep Groove Ball Bearings 

Timken deep groove ball bearings offer up reliable performance across a spectrum of conditions, industries, and applications. Their design boasts super-finished raceways and controlled internal geometries, ensuring premium quality and superior performance always. 

Design features of Timken Deep Groove Ball Bearings: 

  • Easy Interchange– Timken deep groove ball bearings are dimensionally interchangeable with competitor metric products and they follow ISO standards. 
  • Brass Cage Availability– Timken deep groove ball bearings are available in select sizes, and offer durability in the harshest of conditions. These bearings boast extreme shock loads, high vibrations, and high acceleration forces.
  • Premium Lubricants– All sealed and shielded Timken deep groove ball bearings come standard with Mobil Ployrex™ EM premium lubricant for quieter operation as well as reduced torque.
  • Quiet Operation for Electric Motors– Timken deep groove ball bearings are often used in electric motor applications in effort to minimize noise and vibration. For this reason they are designed with super finishing on raceways for reduced friction, premium grease for performance, less noise, and low torque, and preferred clearance designation (C3). 

Timken Corrosion-Resistant Deep Groove Ball Bearings 

Meet the challenges that come with food and beverage manufacturing and production applications necessary for food safety and machine uptime with Timken corrosion-resistant deep groove ball bearings. These high-performance Timken bearings are designed from stainless steel rings, balls, and cages– corrosion-resistant materials along with food-grade lubricant for safety and reliability. 

Advantages of Timken Corrosion-Resistant Deep Groove Ball Bearings: 

  • Stainless steel rings, balls, and cages work to resist corrosion while improving metal detectability 
  • Food safety improvements with NSF H1 registered water-resistant grease for both sealed and shielded bearing types
  • Timken Solid Lube works well in harsh conditions as a versatile grease alternative 
  • High-performance lubricants perform even in a wide range of operating temperatures 

Ideal for use in many applications such as: 

  • Poultry deboning machinery 
  • Conveyor rolls 
  • Labeling equipment 
  • Form fill seal machines 
  • Combination weigher 
  • Filling and seaming machinery 

Reduce required maintenance, decrease forced downtown due to issues, improve food safety, and increase productivity when you use Timken corrosion-resistant deep groove ball bearings. 

Timken Angular Contact Ball Bearings 

Timken angular contact ball bearings are designed for a combination of radial and axial loading applications. These single-row bearings feature high thrust capacity in one direction, while double-row Conrad bearings can accommodate thrust in both directions. 

Design features of Timken Angular Contact Ball Bearings: 

  • Specific geometry of angular contact bearing raceways and shoulders results in ball contact angles that support higher axial loads 
  • Expanded options are cage materials, special lubricants, preloads, and coatings for additional resistance of corrosion 

Applications for Timken Angular Contact Ball Bearings: 

  • Chemical 
  • Agricultural 
  • General Industry 
  • Utilities 

Timken Precision Ball Bearings 

Timken precision ball bearings are implemented for high precision applications across a wide range of markets such as aerospace, machine tool, robotics, health, and general industry use. 

Types of Timken precision ball bearings include: 

  • MM/MMV, MMX, and HX machine tool bearings 
  • Ceramic ball bearings 
  • Ball screw support bearings 
  • Miniature & instrument bearings 
  • Thin section bearings 

Timken EDT Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 

Timken EDT ball bearings are perfect for high speed and high tension applications. Stainless steel ball bearings are more chemically resistant than carbon steel bearings, and they also minimize surface corrosion. 

Timken EDT Ball Bearings are: 

  1. Available either greased or solid lubricated 
  2. Available in three types for every application including value ball bearings, choice ball bearings, and classic ball bearings 
  3. Available in stainless steel or polymer housings 

They are ideal for applications in which plane bearings are not suitable ie: 

  • Flat or v-belt tensioned drives 
  • Round rubber or urethane belting 
  • Side flexing tabletop chains 
  • Curved conveyors 
  • Direct motor drives 
  • High speed shafts 
  • Overhung loads

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