Timeless and Practical Jaw Couplings 

The Lovejoy brand, now operating under the trustworthy Timken umbrella, has been manufacturing quality couplings for nearly a century. Their signature straight jaw couplings made their debut in the late 1920s, and continue to be relevant and incredibly popular today. Lovejoy manufactures and sells hundreds of thousands of these couplings every year– so what makes them so special? 

For one thing, Lovejoy jaw couplings are extremely versatile and robustly made, making them an ideal choice when you need a fantastic, all-purpose industrial power transmission coupling. These jaw couplings can: 

  • Operate in a wide range of temperatures 
  • Handle angular misalignment 
  • Handle reactionary loads that result from misalignment issues 
  • Have good torque to outside diameter capability 
  • Are chemical resistant 
  • Have good speed capability

More Benefits of Lovejoy Jaw Couplings 


These jaw couplings by Lovejoy also boast easy and straightforward installation. The basic jaw coupling is made up of three main parts– two hubs and an elastomeric spider or insert. 


Jaw coupling spiders should be inspected and replaced periodically, though they do last for a long time generally speaking. That said, if one does fail due to being overlooked for replacement, the coupling hubs will interlock and continue carrying the load. This situation, however, is not optimal or recommended for continued system use. The spider should be replaced as soon as possible. 


These Lovejoy jaw couplings are also ubiquitous. You can find them across the globe, and generally just a few miles away from your operations. Because they are so common, they’re both easy to find and quick to obtain, which is helpful for keeping production going. (Find them all at ProSource!) 


Lovejoy jaw couplings are also a low cost option when stacked next to alternative coupling options. High quality and affordable, these are couplings you can trust. 


Another benefit to Lovejoy jaw couplings is they are essentially maintenance free, requiring no lubrication for prime performance. As long as the spider remains intact, these couplings will work without any required upkeep, unlike gear, grid, and chain coupling options. 

Find all the Lovejoy jaw couplings you need right here through ProSource. We can also source any parts you need that we don’t have immediately in stock.

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