CR Seals, established as Chicago Rawhide in 1878, boasts one of the longest histories in the industry. For more than a century, this brand has been setting the standard for performance and service life of industrial and automotive shaft seals. After being acquired by SKF in 1990, CR Seals continued to develop new materials while honing their manufacturing processes, creating some of the top performing seals the market has to offer. 

Engineered for Real Life Use

Real life applications come with their own set of challenges; however, thanks to CR Seals’ advanced sealing technologies and development processes, these seals consistently outperform the competition. That means you don’t have to risk unplanned downtime as a result of subpar seals. Trust the robust reliability of CR Seals so you can get the job done without problems. 

A History of Top Quality

1878: Chicago Rawhide is founded.
1897: Leather gears are introduced.
1914: CR leather products first appeared in the Ford Model T.
1928: Chicago Rawhide patents the Perfect Oil Seal which was made of leather.
1955: Chicago Rawhide begins selling products to replacement markets.
1971: Chicago Rawhide patents the first Wave seal.
1990: SKF acquires Chicago Rawhide.
1991-2006: The company continues to grow and establish itself as a global leader in sealing technology for rotary, hydraulic, and fluid handling applications.

CR Seal Functions

Rotating shafts need a bearing arrangement for smooth and efficient operation, and bearing arrangements need a sealing solution for protection and to achieve maximum service life. The sealing solution seals the opening between components and must perform on or more primary seal functions which include:

  • Retaining the lubricant necessary for smooth operation 
  • Blocking the entrance of contaminants 
  • Separating two different media within an application 
  • Sealing under pressure

Designed to Meet Challenges

CR Seals are manufactured to meet the industries toughest challenges with superior performance. You can trust the robust reliability that comes with using CF Seals from SKF, and rest assured you won’t have to deal with unplanned downtown or a diminished bottom line. 

Seals have a critical impact on system performance, so quality matters. Even though a seal may seem a simple component in the grand scheme, reliability and product life can have a profound impact in the success of your application. That’s why for the last century plus, CR Seals has been committed to setting high standards for service life and performance for industrial and automotive shaft seals. 

Find CR Seals Everywhere

Supporting essentially every industrial sector, CR Seals offer solutions for power transmission applications across the board. Find them used for huge-scale wind turbines and very small, high-speed precision tools alike. 

CR Seal Types

Radial Shaft Seals– These seals sit between rotating and stationary machine components, or between two components in relative motion. 

Cassette Seals– These seals boast a design optimized to provide excellent retention of grease or oil as well as maximum protection against both liquid and solid contaminants that could otherwise upset performance. 

Wear Sleeves– Optimized for radial shaft seals, this thin sleeve slides into position over the worn area to provide counterface surface. 

Track Pin Seals– Track pin seals are manufactured for use in oil-lubricated track chains within off-highway applications. 

Metal Face Seals– These seals make up two identical sealing rings designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions at low circumferential speeds. 

V-Ring Seals– These axial shaft seals come in two types– an all rubber variety, as well as an option with metal casing known as MVR seals. 

Axial Clamp Seals– Axial clamp seals are made for use with large and extra large shaft diameters, sealing axially against a rotating counterface. 

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