Dorris Company

Since 1946, Dorris has been a leader in technology and technological advances in the industry. From their beginnings as a manufacturer of automobiles in the late 1800s to their recent design and manufacture of the industry-leading scoop motor mount, Dorris Company leads in innovation, design and excellence. When Dorris implemented the shaft mount gear drive in virtually every suitable industry over 70 years ago, Dorris products became the industry standard-a tradition that continues today. Companies from the largest mills to the smallest manufacturers rely on Dorris to satisfy their gear drive needs. When a large Los Angeles cathedral was constructed with 10-ton sculpted doors, they asked for a gear drive that would last 500 years…they chose a Dorris. If you are looking for reliability, engineering excellence and design innovation, choose Dorris Gear Drives-where the tradition continues. Dorris has the 1st U.S. patent for the conventional shaft mount gear drive. Dorris was acquired by SGC Industries in March 2005 and moved the manufacturing facility to Fraser, MI.

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